Everyone Speaks “Baby” Right?

“Sí lo hacen” translated, “Yes they do.” If you don’t speak it, all the folks waiting for Miss Penelope to make her grand entrance into the world certainly did.

After the last race to the hospital and missing those first birth moments by just minutes I was more prepared once I was placed on “baby watch” the third week of October. My phone ringer was on loud right beside my bed every night after I heard the words, “it could be any day now.”  If there were grandparents who traveled 1,947 miles from Mayaquez, Puerto Rico for this event surely I would be able to make it from Austin to Little Rock. I just thought Miss Hadley made a quick entrance into the world, that is, until my phone rang at 3:45 a.m. on October 15th. I saw the ID name and answered with, “yes ma’am.” The voice was hurried as she explained her daughter was on the way to the hospital. I sensed Nana was having doubts she would make it in time because of all the stops she had to make. By 4:00 a.m. I was on my way to Little Rock. I told you I was more prepared :).

I realized once I was about 20 minutes into my trip I had left one very important thing behind. No, it wasn’t my camera, in case you are thinking you know my story already. It was my cell phone. “Unbelievable,!!” I said, while doing a little pounding on the steering wheel. There was no way I was turning around to retrieve it, so I guessed I’d just figure out where to find her once I’d arrived.

Before 5:00 a.m. I was already snapping photos of the triage room number and the clock on the wall. Yes, you did not mis-read, I did say “triage.” Are you kidding me?? After the call I got from Nana I expected to see the bundle of joy already bathed and spending time with Mommy and Daddy. However, there I was being directed to the Triage unit where the nurse was in contact with the doctor to determine if Mommy would stay or be sent home. Note the time was 5:07.

Contractions are consistently around 7-8 minutes apart. My thoughts were, “if they send her home I hope this fella in the red hoodie who is trying to take a nap has been to baby delivery class.” Lucky for him that did not happen. By 6:00 a.m I was quite amused watching the triage nurse trying to admit her patient while water is puddling in the floor and Mommy is saying she is very nauseous and thinks she will be sick. This is when the fella in the red hoodie decides nap time is over and he steps up like a pro. IMG_0441Then came the most ridiculous question I think I had ever heard. The baby was obviously on its way, her water had broken, contractions were coming faster and faster, and we heard, “Do you think you can walk?” I still laugh out loud just typing the words. I think Mommy was in shock and the fella in the red hoodie looks to me to see if I think that’s a good idea. “No! she can’t walk,” I tried to calmly explain to the nurse. I’m sure my voice sounded anything but calm as the red hoodie fella and I are trying to quickly gather everything together before the nurse gets back with the wheelchair. At least we hoped she’s coming back with one. I thought, “goodness sake, I just came to take pictures of this priceless moment, not to participate in the delivery process.” Little did I know, at that time Nana was not going to make it and I was going to be participating as stand in Momma and photographer. Oh, the joys of new life coming into the world. Little ones don’t exactly wait ’til everyone has all their ducks in a row before bursting on the scene.

The nurse rushed out with Mommy while Dad and I were getting the last of the bags together. This is when things started moving at break neck speed. I tried to get my camera in focus and stop for a shot of mom being wheeled away. I was only able to catch one before the nurse swooped through the doors to the delivery area with Mommy.IMG_0442 This is also where things got comical. Being in such a rush to get things together in the triage room not everything was secure in Moms overnight bag as she was being wheeled into delivery. Dad and I were following close behind and noticed panties on the floor. So, this is where I hear the second dumbest question and it comes from the fella in the red hoodie. “Are those her panties?” WHAT!! had he just asked me that? “I have no idea,” is all I can say and then I told him to just stuff them down in her purse I had over my shoulder. If they weren’t I guessed we would figure all that out after Miss Penelope got here. I won’t keep you in suspense, they were her panties. 🙂

7:12 a.m. I was present for one of Gods most amazing gifts to women. After almost 9 months of bonding and carrying this child the time came for the birth of Penelope Sophia Rosado. Simply no words would describe all the emotions present in that delivery room. The one that has remained in my memory is joy. Just plain unadulterated joy. Dad looks at Mom. Mom looks at Dad, and Penelope, well…. she looks at both of them and my heart melted.

Then all the “baby talk” begins. New grandparents arrived to meet this tiny addition to their families. Aunts were on the scene and aunts were being introduced via modern technology,IMG_0817 called Facetime. That’s when it struck me. I was hearing so many words of praise and amazement at how quickly Miss Penelope had arrived, how beautiful she was, and how tiny she looked. I realized although I was hearing two different languages from opposite sides of the room everyone really was speaking the same language. Babies seem to bring out the best in everyone. New life and a new found love. Baby love. Baby language.

 And in case you were wondering about how the fella in the red hoodie did. Let’s just say he lost the hoodie and his heart when Miss Penelope arrived.


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